The Shack had 6 beds, so we would usually bring 2 friends or relatives with us, and enough supplies for about 8 days. We had 2 kero fridges which would keep things cold, but very little freezer room. But it was enough to keep the beer cold and stop the fish from going off.

In 1966 we purchased an EH Holden Panel van so we could bring all the supplies, and the outboard motors. This vehicle did numerous trips every year on that dirt road up until 1975 when I drove it to Darwin to live. Even in the Dry season it was often difficult getting past The Bullholes.

We also had a purpose built fully enclosed Tandem Box trailer, but everything still got dusty and the heavy duty springs still managed to break on that corrugated road.

I think it was about 1959, when a keen fisherman named Don King visited 1770, and was so impressed that he went back to Toowoomba and told a few friends that he found this fantastic place, and was going back to buy a block of land that has been released. As the story goes, a few of his mates also wanted a piece of this paradise, so he purchased quite a few for them at around 84 Quid.

Sunset Villa – Don King’s original house.
Sunset Villa – Don King’s original house.
Sunset Villa - Don King’s house today.
Sunset Villa – Don King’s house today.

This is one of the reasons that so many Toowoomba families still holiday here. Some of these families were Harbison, Dixon, Howell, Ferguson, Tuffley, Munro, Parkinson, Bernays, Campbell and Tarn to name a few.  Most of these families built their own Shacks as there were very few Tradies in the area.  Many of these original houses are still standing, and still owned by the same families, and are now being visited by the original owner’s great grandchildren.

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  1. Interesting insight into the family side of the history of 1770 and the Qld coast. I used to frequently drive past this area, and the name has always stood out. Will make sure to drop by next time I am up that way!

    1. Thanks Jason, writing this blog article sure bought back some fond memories. Great to hear you’ll drop by next time you’re travelling up this way.

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