4Ocean – Helping Clean Up Our Oceans and Coastlines

4Ocean - banner

Just wanted to share this. We know 4Ocean.com got some attention on Facebook last year when it did the rounds (got virally shared). They’ve stuck in our mind and seem to be doing real, REAL good, so have decided to post about them on our website. You’ll see we’ve also added a 4Ocean badge to the bottom of our website — our great web team created the badge (our web team are based in Queensland and not officially part of 4Ocean). Please check out the 4Ocean website.

On their website they also explain:

“When you purchase the 4Ocean Bracelet, our captains and crews will remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines on your behalf.”

They also sell other products on their website too if you want to have a look and consider buying.

4Ocean bracelet
Above: A 4Ocean bracelet. Click here to buy one (or more) of them from their website. They come in a variety of different colours.

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