Bethlehem Live – a Christmas Festival in Bundaberg

This article has been updated: 1/12/19

Bethlehem Live is on again. All the highlighted info is on their website. The dates of the event are the 17th to 20th December from 6pm to 9pm. There will be an Opening Ceremony on the Tuesday evening at 5:30pm.

Such an enjoyable time of year! We’re hoping your pre-Christmas is going great too and you are all set for a fantastic and well deserved Christmas break.

Us here are all energised and ready for the holiday accommodation season and looking forward to meeting you all (presumptive much 🙂 lol).

Bethlehem Live Bundaberg - logo and collage of images from last years event

As part of all this Christmas spirit and cheer, I am writing this quick blog article to promote the Bundaberg Bethlehem Live family event. Since Bundaberg is a stone’s throw away from Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy, we are more than happy to promote it here on our blog.

If you are keen to find out more about the event, or are keen to attend the event, please check out their website to find out more. All the info is quick and easy to read.  The website is www.bethlehemlive.com.au

By all means too, if you know of great Christmas events here in the Agnes Water and 1770 region, please feel free to tell our readers about them in the below comments.

I’d better duck-off now and get back to work. New holiday beach house guests arriving today.

May your silly season be full of good times, lots of laughs, some indulgences, family, good friends and joy. I feel like saying something like ‘peace on earth’ too…. geez wouldn’t that be nice.

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