QLD Bushfires: Homes Lost and Hundreds Evacuated

Our hearts go out to everyone involved atm. The area is full of smoke, fire bombers and emergency services have been working hard to try to contain massive fire fronts in the area. Photos from one of our family members are below.

Deepwater & Baffle Creek and Wartburg area have fared worse. People have evacuated and homes have been lost. At this stage all persons are safe, however the cost to wildlife will be devastating.

The response from community has been amazing, people always pull together in time of need hey. There are not enough words of thanks that can be said for the dedication of all volunteers and emergency services! Thank you sooo, sooo much!!

Unsung heroes, working in unbearable heat at the risk of self to save other people’s homes, livelihood & lives.

Update from  the local DCTC group to advise:

We are safe in Agnes Water and schools & general services are still open today.
Access in and out of Agnes Water and 1770 via the main access road (Round Hill Road) is open. Recommend people to go via Miriam Vale. Whilst we can’t predict the next few days the town is still currently open for business.

Where to find more information:

  • We’re in direct contact with the Mayor who is the chair of the local disaster management group
  • There is a community update at 6pm today at the Agnes Water community centre.


12pm Monday – A 737 fixed wing water bomber has just taken off from Sydney and is en route to Deepwater National Park in central Queensland where it will drop 20,000 litres on the massive fire that’s raging in the area.
Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett says the first drop is expected around midday.
100 New South Wales firefighters are also being deployed to central Queensland to bolster crews on the ground.

They’re expected to arrive tomorrow morning Tuesday.

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